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60s Devotional - Talk To God In Prayer


Communicating To God In Prayer

Communicating With God

I was teaching the children of age 9 - 12 on past Sunday on fasting and prayer. Then I asked them "What is prayer?".

A girl stood up and said Prayer is communication between man and God.

I then ask what is communication?

A boy stood up and said communication is when two people are talking. I then made some theisis as follows:

  1. If you dad says, you must read medicine when you grow up. [he didn't give you a say on the matter]. Is he communicating to you, I asked.
  2. What aboout what your dad says Testimony you will get married next week. Has he communicated?
They said YES. Then I asked them did you agree with your dad opinion? Did your dad give you room for your own opinion?  They said no.

Then where is the communication? He has only commanded you. He never communicate with you.

Then I remembered a saying at RCF FUTA saying "prayer is a man and a God talking"

Prayer is simply a man and a God talking 

When you talk to God, you are expected to listen because he too also want to speak and talk wth you.

God told me sometimes ago, my people communicate their problems to me and do not communicate with me.

Let us cultivate the habit of communicating and not commanding God.

This morning give God a chance to speak to you.

I love to hear from you through the comment box.

Remain bless.

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